Omega Juicers

Omega Juicers -The Number 1 Selling Brand

Your choice of a juice extractor should be based on your exclusive preferences and needs, in addition to some basic criteria, for example, quality, cost, extra features, and overall worth. The omega j8005 nutrition center juicer might fulfill all these prerequisites. Could it probably be the perfect masticating juicer?

With omega juicers, you get a lot more than a juicer. It is multi-functional, and can perform a lot of magnificent things under a perfect manner. It doesn’t mean it is not a high quality juice extractor, though; juicing is still its solid point. It is tough, yet silent, and simulates the movement of a human’s mouth as it juices your fruits and vegetables.

Let’s see what all the hype is about…

The good:

Highly Sophisticated Quality Masticating Juicer

As in case with masticating juicers, the omega 150 watt vertical juicer is one versatile, highly-efficient and hardworking juicer that can extract just about all of the juice content of both hard and soft fruits along with tough leafy greens.

Produces Juice That Is Best In Nutrition & Taste

The juice produced by omega vertical masticating juicer has an excellent taste, nutritional profile, visual appearance and shelf life.

Highly Efficient

This juicer is extremely efficient in that it can produce just about all of the juice content of all types of whole foods and vegetables. You will reap the benefits of substantial savings on produce as you get a higher yield of juice extracted from your fruits.

Multi-functional & Versatile

You will get more than just juice. You can make homemade pasta from scratch, baby food from cooked foods, powdered spices and butters from nuts. It is the complete juicer with food processing unit.

Huge Warranty

Meanwhile it comes with a 10 year warranty; you’ll have a profusion of juice for the years of your life. Wonderful!

The sophisticated omega juicer vrt400 does juice extraction regularly and does not mind the cost. The juicing enthusiast who needs high quality consistent juice with more nutrients will adore this juicer. You will also appreciate its feature that you can juice in bulk quantity for up to 4 days ahead.