Immersion Blenders

Immersion Blenders with many functions

The Best Immersion Blenders For Your Convenience

Just how much can you do with the help of immersion blenders? It all depends on which model you have purchased. These blenders are top performers of a kitchen.

A hand blender is a right choice for pureeing soups, but that is only the beginning. We can also emulsify smoothies, blitz mayonnaise, and pulse sauces like Bolognese in just the right constancy. It also happens to be the most favorable apparatus for whipping up heavy cream with other dairy products.

How Can We Test The Performance Of Best Rated Immersion Blenders?

The Soup Test: Am I going to get splashed? How convenient is it to hold for only 5 minutes?

The Pesto Test: Are these blenders having sharp blades? Is there sufficient movement to blend the herbs without bruising them?

The Smoothie Test: How powerful and best immersion blender 2015 is? Can it crush frozen fruits?

With its triple-blade design and powerful 300-watt motor, waring immersion blender justified its price tag, grinding roasted vegetables into a velvet like soup five times faster than numerous other hand blenders. The “soft start” aspect slowly brings it to high speed so that ingredients don’t go flying, though the extra-wide blade footing and deck made it the easiest and most stable to handle. Even while the hand immersion blenders show all that muscle, its controls are very convenient to operate.

This 600-watt bamix professional immersion blender aced our performance tests with a literal. These blenders can jerk into action while starting, and the deeply recessed controlling button wasn’t the most convenient to hold down. However, the turbo feature provided that additional high capacity that numerous other models lacked.

If you want to blend on a budget, this is one of the right choices for you. The stick is compact, light, and intuitive to use, and a double-speed 200-watt motor provides you capacity whenever you need it. It is your tool for simple, quick tasks like thinning a sauce or mixing milkshakes. Thus, if you puree smoothies and soups on a daily basis, you should opt for this immersion blender that is very easy to hold and use.