Dash Premium Blender DPB500-GN

Dash Premium Blender DPB500-GN easy to make juices and for vegetables blending.

Interested to put tomato sauce and soup in cans in the house for the winter months?  Well, the user simply needs durable and high-powered food processor that is easy to use and clean.  The user must simply touch a selected blending button and it is there.  Knob is easy to turn, it is just mere turning of the dial until the smoothie setting blinks rather then hit the start button. Processing is in less than a minute including the time that it stops, therefore to let the ingredients settle to on top of the blades at the bottom, and it restarts. It is much easy to make all things through one machine. Dash Premium Blender DPB500-GN where as it is much easy to use this blender. Continue reading Dash Premium Blender DPB500-GN