Blendtec Blender

Blendtec Blender all about Costs and Design

The lowest cost you can procure a blendtec blender for is 278$ and you are capable of paying it down slowly with financing choices provided by Blendtec, which brings this deal to $20-$25 per month. The Blendtec classic blender, now only sold repaired, is a giveaway.

All About Costs

The Blendtec designer presently valued at $678 for new or $578 for repaired, is Blendtec most expensive and sophisticated blender model for home blending. Blendtec provides a collection of blender models typically ranged from $278 to $678.

The blendtec blender costco series provided are Total Blender Classic, which is Blendtec lowest cost high power blender at only $278, where as only comes repaired, and the Blendtec, which is sold new for $400 or overhauled for $319.

The expensive blender Blendtec manufactures and sells, mainly for commercial smoothie shops and juice shops is the stealth, also called as the Blendtec professional series. Cost at $1099 new and $800 repaired, a payment proposal might be in order for this being.

The Design of blendtec blender is professionally designed

These blenders are light-weighted and easy to move. The Blendtec classic series weighs around 6 pounds and designer series weighs around 8 pounds. All Blendtec Classic and designer blenders are 15 inches long and are very convenient to keep under cabinets.

Blendtec series varies in speeds for more control on blending. When operating this blender on speed 1, and the lowest speed option, the Blendtec is operating at approx. 4000 RPM. If you crank this blender to its maximum speed, you’ll be operating the blender at approx. 29,000 RPM. This speed range provides you flexibility for grinding fine vs. thick textures , resort quality smoothie recipes to making thin texture.

Blendtec blenders equipped with the high power blender motors in the blending industry. The Motor size operates well for high power ingredients and liquefying smoothie recipes and juices recipes rapidly. Blends made in Blendtec series are made easier due to Blendtec high power motor design. You can get free of cost shipping on a new or repaired Blendtec blender, when purchasing direct from Blendtec website via using Blendtec promotion code.